LMC Corner

The Vines Librarians Prepare for another Wonderful Year in the Library!

Librarian’s Kay White and Nerieda Hernandez

The library staff, Kay White and Nereida Hernandez, consider it a privilege to be able to introduce your child to the fun and fantastic world of reading through the many wonderful books in our school’s collection.

We feel it is our duty to help instill in your child a love of books and reading that will help them to become life-long learners as they take these first steps toward their academic success.

We look forward to working with you and you are welcome to come and visit us in the library during parent visitation times, send us notes through your child’s teacher, call or e-mail.

Going to the Library!

When our special activity classes start at Vines students go to the library once a week. During their visits the class participates in reciting nursery rhymes, inter-active storytelling, and checking out books from our wonderful collection.

After instruction on how to take care of books, all students will choose books to take home and read with their family. We want our children to take advantage of the many great books available in the library.

It is Aldine ISD policy for every child to checkout a book. If you do not want your child to bring home books, you must write a note stating such and send it to the librarian through your child’s classroom. Books are to be returned on Monday or the day assigned by your child’s teacher.
Taking home books and caring for them properly is part of teaching our students responsibility. Please help your child make a special place for their book at home. Find a time to read with them. Help them to practice taking care of their books.

If books do get lost the student is responsible for paying for them. If the book is found within the school year or summer following, no matter what condition, send it to the library and you will receive your money back.

Special Events

We have many Special Event sponsored by the Library throughout the year which promote literacy for our students.

The Book Fair. The Vines Library usually hosts a book fair to coincide with Open House. You can send money with your child to school or come to the Special Family Event and visit the book fair with your child. Please remember to send enough money to cover taxes. The purchase of all books goes to our student contest, The Texas 2×2 Reading Contest at the end of the year.

The Great Pumpkin Contest. In October families and classrooms are invited to participate in The Great Pumpkin Contest. Each year the main hallway of the school explodes with fun, talent, and creativity and it’s all about pumpkins. Watch for more information as the time grows closer.

The Polar Express. Students and faculty alike get into the holiday spirit by celebrating the wonderful work of Chris Van Alsburg’s book, The Polar Express.

The Children’s Book Character Parade. At the end of the year classrooms have the opportunity to celebrate National Children’s Book Week with a parade featuring their favorite book. It’s a fun way to finish off a busy year for both students and parents. It is also a great way to promote reading during the summer.

Better Reading Skills help our children to succeed!

You can get in touch with the librarian, Kay White, by calling the school at 281.878.7957 or email at [email protected].