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Child Nutrition Services welcomes all students and staff to our cafeteria. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide quality meals and outstanding service to every customer. Academic achievement and success for students in Aldine is a priority for Child Nutrition Services through meal service, nutrition education and promotion of health and wellness.

Breakfast and lunch is available at every campus. Students will continue to enjoy breakfast at no cost.

Implementation of National Nutrition Standards continue with new requirements for breakfast. Three meal components are required at breakfast – fruits/vegetables, grains and milk. Meat is no longer a component, but may be offered after all of the grain requirements have been met. In addition, half of all grain offerings must be whole-grain rich and meet daily and weekly grain minimums. Established calorie ranges by age/grade groups must also be met weekly.

Breakfast menus in Aldine will not require a lot of changes. This is due to the fact that many of the new requirements have already been in place for several years. Students will still enjoy a variety of menu items daily. Students will be required to select a fruit or vegetable at lunch to complete their meal. Continued emphasis on vegetable sub groups such as dark green, red, orange, beans, starchy and other remain in place.

All menus in Aldine are planned by a Registered Dietitian and meet all state and federal menu requirements. They also provide variety and appeal to students.

Child Nutrition Services always welcomes feedback on menus, customer service and all areas of operation. Surveys are available in each cafeteria and on the website.

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Dani Sheffield, Executive Director
Child Nutrition Services